Thermal-radon-health bath

Radon passes through the skin into the human body by means of baths and thus promotes the relaxation and loosening of muscles.

  • Duration of a bath: 20 minutes
  • Price: € 15.00

Fango pack

Fang packs are treatments with hot odourless mineral mud. This improves circulation, relaxes and relieves pain.

Through the subsequent wrapping in foil or cloth, the body begins to sweat, the vessels dilate, and the blood circulation is accelerated and supports thereby the healing and therapeutic effect. By the positive heat effect, the treatment with Fango is suitable for the treatment of chronic painful locomotor apparatus diseases and therefore relief of rheumatic pains or tensions. The algae components in the fango also stimulate the production of pain-killing substances. The mineral salts in turn balance out the acidity of the skin and can also relieve discomfort with psoriasis. Heat treatment with fango should be avoided in particular with illnesses such as hypertension, bleeding tendency, heart diseases and venous diseases because the heat stimulus could have negative effects.

  • Price: € 35.00

Moor mud pack

In a moor mud pack, the entire body is coated with a mixture of natural moor mud and oils such as linseed oil. Rich in minerals and numerous ingredients combined with a high speed heat bonding, treatments with moor mud not only promote blood circulation and the regeneration process, but have a positive effect on the entire organism. Similar to the moor mud bath, the moor mud pack also gives off heat only gradually to the body. The slowly rising heat generation has an effect into the deep interior of the body, stimulates the metabolism and relaxes the musculature. Diseases of the spine, wear and tear of the joints such as arthritis, inflammatory rheumatic diseases, diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract and prostate, osteoporosis, hormonal disorders and stress symptoms can be treated with moor mud. The moor mud pack is used to accompany often the massage of tense, aching muscles and care particularly for stressed and dry skin

  • Price: € 35.00