Shiatsu is a holistic treatment, which has an equal footing with conventional medicine in Japan. This form of massage not only attempts to ease tensions at a purely physical level, but searches at the same time the underlying life, thought and behaviour patterns that manifest themselves on the physical level in a variety of disease symptoms. Shiatsu freely translated means finger pressure and is a form of manual treatment in which the thumb, fingers and palms, but no mechanical or other instruments, are used to put pressure on the skin. The aim of this treatment is to correct internal malfunctioning to promote receive health and treat certain diseases. The energy balancing effect of Shiatsu helps not only against stress-related tension and exhaustion, but creates the conditions for lasting health and well-being.

  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Price: € 75.00

Dorn therapy

The Dorn method is a spine and joint therapy. Malpositions of the spine and pelvis are treated with gentle pressure and corrected with the support of the patient. At the start of treatment, the leg length is compared to determine possible joint misalignments in the legs or pelvic area. The blockades in the ankle, knee and hip joints can be slightly removed with the help of the Dorn Method. After this treatment period, the position of the pelvic bones to each other, to the sacrum and the coccyx and thereby the position of the pelvis is checked and, if necessary, corrected. Then the treatment of the spine follows. The lumbar and thoracic vertebrae area along the spinal processes and the cervical area along the transverse processes are felt. Blocked or displaced vertebrae are put back in place again with light pressure. The mobility of the vertebral joints is improved without strongly burdening thereby ligaments and tendons. Exercises individually tailor-made for the patients serve to supplement part of the therapy. These techniques and exercises for self-treatment of the vertebrae and joints are to stabilise the result of the treatment. With the help of Dorn Therapy, not only back and joint pain can be treated without the use of painkillers, but also numerous other complaints, the cause of which is due to vertebral blockages or vertebral displacements.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: € 52.00


Energy treatment - essential oils

The meridian massage is an important part of TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is based on the concept of energy points and energy channels. These so-called meridians form a system of pathways in the human body through which energy flows. Through a network of inner and outer meridians, a connection exists between the skin surface, tissue and muscle to the internal organs. Internal diseases and/or disorders in the energy flow can cause outward symptoms, and vice versa, external stimuli such as pressure or heat via the energy cycle influence the organs within the body. In the cycle of energy pathways, the lack of power in a meridian can lead to a deficiency in the next meridian. The meridian massage should therefore be cyclical and thus the energy balance occurs gradually. Stress, illness or congestion can block the flow of life energy. The massage of the meridians, or rather by activating certain energy points, the energy flow can be re-established in the body. Much gentler than acupuncture treatment, a harmonisation of body, mind and soul can be followed by the special massage technique and general well-being enhanced.

  • Price: € 72.00


Therapeutic exercise - Exercise therapy

In collaboration with a therapist, exercises and measures are taken to improve posture and increase muscle strength and to achieve a better body awareness in the patient.

  • Price: € 45.00



  • Individual treatment (20 minutes) at € 10.00
  • 6-block (6 * 20 minutes) € 5.00